Who's Who

Listed below are the contact names for the property management company, the Board of Directors for Sunwest HOA, the Architectural Control Committee (ACC), and others.

Property Management Company

Lisa Sellers, Community Manager
(720) 974-4152
11002 Benton Street
Westminster, CO 80020-3200
Fax: (303) 420-6611
Email: LSellers@msihoa.com
Web: https://www.msihoa.com/

Sunwest HOA Board of Directors

President: Chad Bowerman president@sunwest-hoa.org
Vice-President: Margaret Chidlaw vice-president@sunwest-hoa.org
Secretary: Sandalphon secretary@sunwest-hoa.org
Treasurer: Sandalphon treasurer@sunwest-hoa.org
Member at Large: Donna El Hehiawy
Member at Large: Chris Newkirk

Architectural Control Committee (ACC)

Chair: Margeret Chidlaw architecture@sunwest-hoa.org
Donna El-Hehiawy
Chad Bowerman
Chris Newkirk

Neighborhood Watch Committee

Community Coordinator: Sandalphon

Social Committee

Chair: Donna El-Hehiawy

Margaret Chidlaw
Chad Bowerman
Chris Newkirk


Sandalphon webmaster@sunwest-hoa.org